Our trip to Japan. First in the Kansai Region

What to do in Kansai Region? Tea, history, food and cute stuff, everywhere.

We went all over the Honshu region to check out the main attractions and taste the local food, we skipped a couple things since weather was cold and got temple out in SEA. It was the fresh, clean air that we yearned, civilized, modern and so clean.

The toilets! Ohh, I went to heaven when I got to the first public one! Sweet heated, deodorized and sanitized toilets! Now I want to go to them and drink loads of water, not risk dehydration like in Southeast Asia’s sketchiest (and filthiest) squatties.

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Dawei, Myanmar Part 6 – Nabule Beach

Armed with the name and location of Nabule Beach, a beach that was supposed to be nicer than Tizit, we headed out one morning along with our Flemish friends. It was a fun journey, but the beach was in no way better than Tizit.


Dawei, Myanmar Part 5 – Island Pagoda

The Canadian we met at the old monk’s funeral told of us a second spot he visited. A few hours south of Dawei there was a pagoda on an Island. He didn’t actually see the pagoda because you have to cross a long and rickety bamboo bridge to reach it. He turned back half way…

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